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-Baton Rouge Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of programming a web page in a way that will get the biggest return for that page. It's great to have a beautiful page but if nobody can find it then what good is it to you? My goal as a SEO is to build or tune pages so that you get found via the most widely used tools on the Internet. I offer a wide variety Baton Rouge search engine optimization options that'll promote your website and get it working for you.

SEO Gets You Leads in Baton Rouge

A website is a great resource for existing customers and business cards but if you're not using it to gather new leads through the search engines then you're missing out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Baton Rouge area customers are using the search engines to look for your business by the services you offer. Ranking in the search engines for the terms they're searching for will bring potential new customers to your website and through your doors. Bottom line is this: If I don't believe my search engine optimization services will pay for themselves then I won't do them.

Baton Rouge Search Engine Optimization Services:

  • Custom Webpage SEO Programming - I'll analyze your website's existing pages and reprogram them to provide optimal food for the search engines.
  • Server & Site Structure Analysis - Site structure and how your pages are connected effects optimization. How the search engines communicate with your web server is important as well. I have a comprehensive list of things that'll optimize how your website communicates with the search engines.
  • New Content Creation For Targeted Keywords - I will develop new pages that'll target your industry considering the search engines as much as your visitors. This is absolutely necessary in certain situations.
  • Linking and Promotional Campaigns - Changing the structure of existing pages isn't always enough. I will develop it's visibility on the Internet in order to develop it's visibility.
  • Baton Rouge SEO Clients

    Baton Rouge Self Storage
    Highland Self Storage of Baton Rouge: - A locally owned and operated self storage company in Baton Rouge. With GEAUXtechnology I've been working with Hank to get more leads and improve lead quality via SEO.
    Baton Rouge Self Defense
    Tiger Martial Arts, LLC.: - Offers martial arts and self defense to Prairieville, South East Baton Rouge and Gonzales area. Learn Hapkido and Tang Soo Do martial arts in a family oriented atmosphere.
    Beer Brewing App Windows Phone 7
    Pocket Brewer Beer Brewing App WP7: - A great Windows Phone 7 beer brewing app I developed in 2011. Although there's a marketplace for these apps many people still find their phone apps using search engines. We've been working to promote this great software to the top of the beer brewing app work. I might be biased because I also wrote the app but hey it's still far better than any of the others out there!
    Baton Rouge Signs in A Day
    Signs in a Day - Baton Rouge: - A great Baton Rouge sign company who called me looking to rank better for their primary search terms in Google, Yahoo, Bing. I've been working with them to optimize their site to better let people find them.
    baton rouge seo
    David's Chair: - David constantly heaps praise on to me for the constant line of clients he picks up thanks to his website ranking well for Baton Rouge hair salon related keywords. He let me know he got 18 new referrals in a month thanks to the optimizations I made to his website.
    baton rouge advertising
    Bray Danielle Photography: - A wedding photographer working out of Baton Rouge, Danielle wanted to get more clients from her website without paying so much to Adwords to buy visitors every month. I tuned and promoted her site to the front page of the major search engines. She was able to stop spending hundreds of dollars every month to buy visibility.
    baton rouge search engine optimization
    BR Motion: - For over 25 years "The V Shop" has served Baton Rouge's automotive import needs. Recently renamed to BR Motion to better reflect their widening of brands supported I've worked with them triple the number of search engine visitors they recieve. The amount of stiff competition made it imperative that we draw in visitors from a wide variety of search terms.
    best of baton rouge
    Best of Baton Rouge: - If it has to do with restaurants, events, fun, family, good businesses or general Baton Rouge you'll find it here. Best of Baton Rouge pays me back well for my efforts to put forward our great city. Crafted to be easy and appealing to search engines this website helps me build relationships while promoting Baton Rouge.
    baton rouge wedding videos
    Clear View Video Productions: - Mark Zumo was sent to me by Danielle Bordelon thanks to her experiences with me on promoting her wedding photography website. I've been working with Mark to improve his rankings for wedding videography in the Baton Rouge area.
    baton rouge margarita machine rental
    The Margarita Shop: - We built this website from the ground up and promoted it to compete in the margarita and daiquiri machine rental in Baton Rouge. We'll be working together in the future to promote them in Lafayette margarita machine rentals and hammond margarita machine rentals.